Nubra Valley - A valley of orchards in a cold, barren land.

Nubra Valley was originally called LDUMRA which means the valley of flowers. Now, it is also known as Orchard of Ladakh.
Nubra Valley is a Tri-armed valley, which is located to the north east of Ladakh valley. Nubra valley is formed by the Shyok River, which is a tributary of the Indus, and the Nubra or the Siachen River. Nubra Valley is about 150km north from its principle town, Leh. Nubra Valley was the ancient gateway for the famous Silk Route. The average altitude of Nubra Valley is about 10,000ft above from the sea level. Nubra Valley is surrounded from all the sides by snow-capped Himalayan ranges.

Nubra valley is famously known as “BROKEN MOONLAND” because in winter, the whole valley looks like the landscape of moon. Nubra Valley lies in between Tibet and Kashmir. The main attractions of Nubra valley are Shaggy Double humped Bactrian Camels around sand dunes, Panamik, Yarab Tso Lake, Diskit Monastery or Diskit Gompa, Hunder Monastery, Lachung temple, Maitreya Buddha statue, Samstanling Monastery, and mainly for the world's highest motorable pass, Khardung La Pass (18,380 feet).

Nubra Valley is a remote yet never isolated place which captures interest of tourists as well as trekking destination. Nubra valley is accessible through Khardungla la Pass. The unmatched beauty of the valley fascinates many tourists. The Khardong village, Khalser and Deskit are the main villages of Nubra valley. Diskit is the headquarters of the Nubra Valley and has a lot of government offices with basic facilities. It is also connected by road with Leh. The 32 metre Maitreya Buddha statue is the landmark of Nubra Valley and is maintained by the Diskit Monastery. The Diskit Monastery is 350 years old and is the main attraction of this village, which houses a Maitreya Buddha statue, paintings, drums and Tibetan color-patterned silk. There is Lachung Temple as well, which is quite close to monastery. Hunder is famous for its sand dunes and double humped Bactrian camel safari. Panamik has hot water springs and a sacred Yarab Tso lake nearby the entrance of the village. Panamik is also famous for 250 year old Ensa Gompa. The main attraction in Sumoor is the 150 year old Samstanling Gompa and apart from that the village itself is an oasis in the middle of desert. Turtuk offers a much different landscape and cultural orientation than rest of the Nubra Valley. You can see apricot trees loaded around the entire village with views closer to Karakorum Range. Nubra Valley is a must see place, if you miss this part, then you are almost missing the heart of the Ladakh.

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